I feel this way about writing posts on LinkedIn, do you?

It’s such a paradox that I want to share my thoughts and experiences, yet recognise how egotistical it is to do so – as if to say, “why does what I think matter?”

And yet, to the people who know me and care about me, what I think does matter. Perhaps it is because they know that I think that what they think and say matters.

There is so much noise in the world. It has become increasingly difficult to block it out and hone in on what matters to me. It’s because of this noise that I left all social media platforms, excluding this one, at the beginning of 2020. Last week I found myself close to leaving LinkedIn too.

It seems that the algorithm makes it impossible for me to cut through the noise to find what matters. It’s too hard to just follow or unfollow because you also see when someone you know likes or comments on someone’s post – it’s shit I don’t want to see that I’m forced to spend mental energy on.

“Oh just ignore it,” I hear my inner critic say.

If you’re asked to not think about a blue elephant, then you first have to think about a blue elephant in order to attempt to not think about it, which of course you can’t.

It takes mental energy to ignore something. It takes seeing it to attempt to unsee it.

I want to see what I want to see, the humility and honesty of the people I know and care about and yet, I cannot find an online platform with a community-centric focus that does this and does it really well.

On my wish list is a feed that I can curate, with posts only from those people I choose to follow and in a time-sequential order so I can continue from the point in time I finished from. Like a book. You pick it up and keep reading.

Does such a platform or function exist?
Surprise me. Educate me. Amaze me. Excite me.
You matter to me.