This scene of Wendy Rhoades as a high performance coach in the US TV show, “Billions,” sums up my dream job, only, naturally, without the hyperbolic storylines & extreme narcissism.

Wendy is there to sort your head out so you can be the best you can be at work. She helps you see what’s right in front of you and she gets you out of your own way.

Damn. I would love to do that every single day.

Yes, I would love to be there to consult you & your team to get through the stuff that messes with your head.

And, I would love to show you & your team how to be more emotionally intelligent and resilient in the face of challenges, expectations and the pressures of your job.

And, I would love to run workshops that empower you and your team with resources to cope with the crap life throws at you, things I call #lifetax.

And, teach you to care, communicate and collaborate more effectively.

And, in turn, help you and your organisation to be more efficient and profitable.

Recently, I read a post from a start up founder in my network who courageously admitted that a few months ago she attempted suicide because of the profound burnout she experienced from the process of starting her business.

Shannon lists the pressures: constantly showing a solid front, demonstrating the confidence that her product is worth investing in, demonstrating to her Board, contractors and employees she had her shit together…

She writes [abridged]: “The pressure of knowing you have friends, business colleagues and strangers precious savings, invested in your company and you have to do everything in your power to ensure you don’t just lose it, but make a return on their hard earned money. I wouldn’t expect less from an investment myself.”

This is all head and heart stuff. It has nothing to do with her competency and everything to do with how she thinks and feels.

This may not have been her experience had I succeeded years ago to establish myself in the local start up community through the various academy/ incubators as the coach that Wendy is and my friend needed.

My pitches fell on deaf ears.

Likely because I wasn’t “in” the start up club community and didn’t use words they resonated with, despite researching and curating every pitch.

It was also because back then no one was really talking about mental health and wellbeing. It had a lot of stigma.

Heck. It still has a lot of stigma now but a good thing to come from the last two years is that it is a dialogue we can’t pretend we’re ignorant of. One way or another mental illness has touched all of our lives.

Because I’m studying part time and because I have a newborn, I don’t want to provide my services independently. I miss working for a company full time. I miss the connections and relationships. I want to do what Wendy does.

Now the fun begins… to find the company that aligns with what I do and what they need… I know you’re out there…