I believed it to be true, after all, they did that thing and said those words with that tone. It must have been what was intended.

But, what proof did I have of their actual intention?

So I asked.
And as sure as the sky was blue that day I did not have all the facts.

I had told myself a story. I had crafted a perfect piece of fiction.

It wasn’t their intention. They gave me more context so I had all the facts. I could now write the true account story.

Are you sure of your account of the story?

Tell the story in bullet form. Put each piece of information into two columns:

1. What is fact?
That is, the things that happened that you can undeniably prove.

2. What is fiction?
Anything behind communication – tone, body language, cultural influences; emotions; thoughts; ideas; beliefs; intent.

With this list, seek to prove all fiction with questions, curiosity and open-mindedness. Seek feedback.

Assume you do not have all the information. Until you do, you’ve fictionalised your reality.

Need help? Ask your coach.

Don’t have one? You’re in luck, ask me. I happen to be awesome at Fact vs Fiction Reality Checks.