I said to one of my wonderful recruiters this morning that I often feel like I am a “problem-seeker” not just a problem-solver.

That is not to say that I actively create problems. No.

Rather, I have a knack for seeing what isn’t working as efficiently as it could, things that aren’t streamlined or automated that could be, tasks that aren’t cost-efficient, things that just don’t gel, they jump out at me like the flash of lightning in the dark night sky.

While I often have ideas for how to solve the problem, I rarely, if ever, seek to do solve them on my own. I ask questions of those around me. I introduce the challenge into most conversations. I glean ideas and inspirations from everyone and everything around me. And I do so respecting the nature of confidentiality that comes with my role.

I am inclusive & proactive.

In any given situation, I want to know:
What am I missing?
What challenge do I have that one conversation will bring me one step closer to its solution?

As a coach, I will not pretend to know it all. My only promise is that I will get it done. Nine times out of ten, it’s a team effort that gets me there. I am no one without a team to collaborate with.