Yesterday my CBF factor was strong. I don’t create well if I feel forced so I didn’t post a Flower Affirmation card.

It is more important to me that I respect my present needs and show myself kindness and patience than to pretend it’s important to post on this platform (or any other) just because I said I would.

I am not so obnoxiously self-obsessed to think that anyone noticed and yet I see people applying this pressure to themselves all the time, as though it actually matters, as though their audience isn’t wrapped up in the shitstorm of their own lives to notice the shortfall you’ve demonstrated.

We place so much pressure on ourselves based on the expectations and judgements of others, and for what? What are the benefits we gain from this pressure?

Two parts of FA.

We notice the efforts of others only when we want to, therefore you’re not going to be noticed on your schedule but on the unknown, arbitrary schedule of others.

This is a good thing.

This means you are able to not do something if you don’t feel up to it. It means you can show yourself kindness and patience and compassion.

All really is well, if you’ll allow it to be.

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