The knock-on effect of learning is a gift that we give to all those who are blessed to come in contact with us.

It might be so infinitesimally small that it’s not seen by the conscious mind but that doesn’t mean you haven’t positively impacted those around you.

I’ve been on the professional self-development journey proactively since 2014. This weekend I was blessed to experience how my improvements helped others in ways that have enabled them to see their own development journey and their marriage through a new lens.

By sharing what I’ve learned, they’ve benefited.

And now, as I embark on the difficult undertaking of my MBA, I know that it has less to do with me than it does the lives I’ll improve with what I learn.

I am always on the look out for coaching clients who this mindset for their team members.

How is your coach currently developing themselves? How are you bringing that learning into the business?

Don’t have a coach? Ask me. I happen to be awesome at helping people integrate what they’re learning into the everydayness of life.