It’s the one thing that every single one of us has exactly the same. It’s our perspective of time that differs. You can choose to spend two hours binging Netflix or you can choose to spend two hours creating a blog post to share your knowledge with your network.

I can choose to spend an hour fat-thumbing Linky and not remember a thing afterwards. Or, I can choose to spend that time playing Hot Wheels with my kid.

Our decision for how we spend our time has less to do with What and a lot to do with Why we’re doing that activity. It’s comforting to binge on Netflix or social media. It’s brain-numbing. And that numbing effect is comforting.

The same goes for drinking or doing excessive drugs. Numbing. Avoidance.

It’s easier to spend your time on numbing activities than it is to be proactive. Why, though?

I see this kind of thing in our work. We do the pissy little tasks and call that effort. They’re the easy things, but they won’t push you. How you spend your time matters, but you have to know why you’re doing what you’re doing for it to really matter.

Does your coach help you maintain the why of your time spent? If not. Start today.

Don’t have a coach? Ask me. I happen to be awesome at keeping you on point.