It’s quotes like Doc’s that I simultaneously love and am irked by.

The idea that I am using this very moment in time to create my next moment based on what I’m presently feeling and thinking is an impossible infinity loop of nonsense that gets me no where and yet, empowers me still by reminding me that I am responsible for my thoughts and feelings.

When working with my coaching clients, I take my current thoughts and feelings into consideration and theirs as well. Together we need to have a symbiosis that recognises that we are different and yet function as one.

When s/he & I each demonstrate our empathy and acumen for emotional intelligence we can meet each other where we are in each moment of time, without the added burden of expectation or obligation.

Do you experience symbiosis with your coach? Ask them what they need.

Don’t have an coach? Ask me. I happen to be awesome at developing deep connections.