There are three Shoulds for how to manage what you focus on.

The No. 1 Should is that which is an excellent use of your time, effort, resources or attention (TERA). This is what you excel at. It’s what you should spend 75% of your time doing.

The No. 2 Should is that which is not the best use of your TERA but you need to do it because no one else can. You should do it for now, but only until you have the process/procedure written and the human resource to replace you. This should only be 25% of your time.

The No. 3 Should is that which you should never ever do because you’ll always be crap at it. It’s a terrible use of your TERA. You should spend none of your time doing this, always outsource these tasks.

What are you focusing on?
Are they your No. 1 and No. 2 Shoulds?

If you’re not sure how to divide your time so you can focus on your No. 1 Shoulds, ask your coach.

Don’t have one? You’re in luck, ask me. I happen to be amazing at focus and time management.