Each year, I don’t consider aging. I iron out the bugs and upgrade my software with new & improved functionality. I recently upgraded to v4.0, a birthday which represents a new decade and a brand new operating system.

My gf Kym sent me a deck of her incredible flower affirmation cards as a gift. And how fitting they are.

As this is my birthday month and I’m rediscovering my joy in creativity, it seems fitting that this is the first card of Kym’s deck that I’ll be featuring while on my morning commute for the next two weeks.

Kym is the epitome of creativity. She embodies it into every fibre of her being. For shits ‘n’ giggles, she began making these beautiful native designs as part of her meditation on her morning walk, featuring them on her Insta @kym_creative.

It was Kym who sent me the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It has been Kym for more than 20 years who have walked alongside me sharing with me her growth, her generosity, her meditations, her gorgeous infectious laughter, love and rainbow spirited creations.

And it is Kym whose joy I admire most.

To learn more about these beautiful cards that inspire so much deep thinking from me, you can visit Kym’s Insta @kym_creative or get your own deck at Kym Creative.