It would be erroneous to put one’s leadership style under an umbrella term, like servant or transformational.

As a result of globalisation, a leader isn’t ‘or’, they are ‘and.’

They are servant and transformational, and all other leadership nomenclatures.

Global leadership requires the leader to be malleable to those they lead and to the circumstances in which they lead.

While it could be misinterpreted as ‘Situational Leadership’, this perspective suggests leaders use their specific skills and personality attributes to yield the best outcomes on a global scale as an individual and not necessarily for a specific organisation.

This leader is aware of their different intelligences; they use this information to attain the desired outcome.

A global-minded leader is aware that their cultural intelligence (CQ) is the first building block of their leadership capabilities. They understand how culture motivates them and they use this information to create situationally appropriate strategies before taking action.

Mindmap of Global Leadership (c) Caron Margarete 2023

Built upon their CQ, a leader who respects their position on a global platform understands how best to utilise their emotional intelligence (EQ) to get the best results. Because they take responsibility and authority over their development, they have strong utilisation of the necessary attributes and skills that enable them to express themselves effectively, establish and maintain rapport in order to influence others and make effective decisions, while also managing their stress and the responsibilities of their position in an organization.

Thereafter, a global leader needs to have a balanced comprehension of the different business functions to ensure that their decisions are consistent with other activities within the company and the industry.

Their specialty or area of expertise is influenced by the business activity that they lead, however it is also directed heavily by other factors that a person’s life is naturally influenced by.

Coalesced, these components enable a leader to be agile on a global stage.