Do you work with someone that does things that drive you absolutely crazy? They’re a nice person but their actions just aren’t conducive to productive work.

Did you know – and thanks to Brené Brown for her Dare to Lead inspiration – that it is actually super unkind to not give that person negative feedback?

I used to work with someone who hated conflict, he would actively avoid it and as a result, never gave me constructive feedback if I did something to piss off him or our colleagues – which our cultural differences apparently did more than I ever learned.

I never had the opportunity to change or improve myself. That was a really uncaring thing to do because I am always open to self-improvement when that feedback is delivered with care.

Do not rob someone of the opportunity to be a better human. It’s likely they do not know that what they’re doing is inconducive or unproductive.

Self-awareness is key to self-improvement and often we need the areas for improvement brought to our awareness.

Do you and your coach provide two-way constructive & kind feedback?

Don’t have a coach? Ask me. I have to have a few awesome little reframing communication hacks to help with giving feedback with care.