Always call the hiring manager or recruitment consultant once you’ve applied for the role. Very few call.

It’s your first impression, and it’ll be the difference that makes the difference in a recruitment decision.

Your application is all logic in the recruitment process. Does your application tick the right boxes?

Call, and you will jump the divide into the emotion zone.

We do not make decisions based on logic, we’re creatures of emotion, so you need to tap into that with your warmth and charisma.

In the past, during my experience seeking new job opportunities, I have been blessed to meet incredible recruitment consultants who have taken the time to get to know me, to hear my story, and to emotionally connect with my job opportunity needs.

This same approach of building trust and rapport is what your coach ought to bring to your network as much as their own.

How do they enable you to make the leap from logic to emotion in your decision-making?

Don’t have a coach? Ask me. I happen to be awesome at making this connection.