Today, upon hearing about my work, a person commented, “Oh, my brother doesn’t have any emotional intelligence.”

Ah, yeah. Nah. He does.

It’s a myth that we either have or don’t have emotional intelligence.

We all have emotional intelligence. EQ is a set of emotional and social skills that you either use or don’t use well.

Skills can be taught. Skills can be improved.

If you have never been given the tools or resources, how could you possibly know how to utilise your emotional intelligence skills effectively?

You can’t.

You can fumble your way through, as most do. Or, you can be coached. You can work with me to take an assessment and learn precisely what you are doing well and what skills need to be improved.

It’s not hard to change, no really, I promise! It takes a commitment to make an effort and be held accountable for being the best version of yourself.

I believe you can do that.
I can believe that without even knowing you in person.

You wanna know how?

Because, I’ve been you.

No one who meets me now believes that I was once bossy, undiplomatically honest, and occasionally unkind.

Hidden under all of that, was an incredibly insecure young woman. I was filled with self-loathing and terrified that I wasn’t liked or accepted.

I was never enough.

I knew nothing about emotional intelligence, let alone whether I used it well or not.

That is, until I received coaching and learned the skills I want to teach you. Coaching has quite dramatically changed me so that I no longer recognise the person I once was.

Shoot me a DM so I can support you in using your emotional intelligence to be more effective in everything you do.