I have an accountability buddy who I speak to weekly for the development of my new Practical Emotional Intelligence course.

Last night’s call, however, was less about the progress of our respective projects and more about the dramarama that is my employment status, which from one business consultant to another was crucial to comprehend what happened.

He listened intently and piped up with excellent insights, including, much to my cheeky joy, the recommendation that should the last company want my consultancy for their project again that I ought to a) increase my hourly rate considerably and b) add a PFTF tax of 22.5% to their invoices. Pain.For.The.Family.

I laughed, I’ve always wanted to charge a PITA tax. Pain.In.The.Arse.

Today’s Flower Affirmation card sums up the ideas he presented for the remainder of the call.

He told me how the role as a Business Analyst was in high demand for a particular Federal government department he works.

Based on what he knew of my skills and qualifications, he suggested I apply. I looked up the role on Seek, utterly dumbfounded that something I’d previously thought, by title alone, I wouldn’t be qualified for was precisely what I already do.

Just by expanding my thinking and reaching outside my comfort zone, I have been presented with a brand new avenue to research.

The value of a coach, mentor or accountability buddy is to present us with opportunities for growth we can’t see, be they blind spots, unconscious bias or just a bullshit narrative we’re telling ourselves.

When you allow someone to know you with honesty, authenticity and vulnerability infinite growth is possible because you’ll be expanded beyond the confines of your comfort zone.

Meanwhile, I have until our call next Wednesday to get the scripts for the course modules 1, 2, 8 & 9 completed.

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