Anytime we look upon a magazine cover, – insert any advertising example – what we think and feel about ourselves is being controlled by the ideal this cover portrays. It isn’t ideal. Ever.

Take back control of your mind with this tool that rewires your brain on a neurological, unconscious level.

Rewire Your Brain

To change a negative outcome, perception or belief, the change can be immediate with emotional intelligence coaching. One of the fundamentals starts with recognising how you currently think and working to rewire your unconscious mind to believe something different, something you desire instead.

Step One

First, list all the things that you can do that you can control. For example, you can control your smile, your laugh, but you cannot control what will make you smile or laugh. You can control receiving money and spending it. You can control spending time with friends and family. Or working on your business. Or exercise. Eating well. Drinking water. And so on. Create this list, make it super dooper long.

Step Two

Now, what are all the feelings or things you desire more of?

Gratitude? More money? Increased health, love, clarity, abundance, joy, relaxation, wealth? List all the things you value and want more of.

For example, if you want two holidays a year, this is too specific and needs to be something you can easily actualise, however, you can control the feeling you get on holiday – exuberance, excitement, adventure.

Step Three

The key is how this all comes together in one simple both statement: Anytime I _________ {insert what you can control}, I experience __________ {desires}.

Make statements, as many as you like, in any combination you like from the two lists you’ve made.

Anytime I smile, I experience joy, love and happiness.

Anytime I receive or spend money, I experience wealth, financial freedom, gratitude, and abundance.

Strengthen Your Awareness

The strength of this technique comes not from the awareness, or its creation, it comes from the repetition every morning and every evening. Seeing these statements, reading them, and thinking of them throughout the day will rewire your brain to perceive more of the same in your environment.

You can attract what you desire because you’re literally changing what your mind thinks of when these things occur naturally.


I’d love to see your examples. Post them below in a comment.

Your Coach,