One of the hardest things to do when you’re feeling hurt and disappointed is to find things to be grateful for. Your Emotional Intelligence is comprised of building blocks, commencing with getting to know yourself and topped off with how you manage stress.

Of your stress management skills is how well you utilise optimism. Hope in the face of despair is bloody difficult.

And yet, that’s how I knew how far I’d come with the development and growth of my EI because even as the director, who 24 hours before had told me I was no longer able to work in the office due to her team’s discomfort with my unvax status, told me she was discontinuing the project I’d been brought on to manage for her own disorganised and poor time/task/priority reasons and not because of anything I’ve done.

In that moment of profound disappointment, I found myself surprised to be secretly grateful.

Not for the cessation of the project, or for the inability to work (arghh… again!), or the very much needed income it would provide. No, I felt thankful because it would gift me time to be creative again.

Now with my time freed up again, I can continue the development of my Practical EI course that I’m going to publish on Udemy. I’m up to scripting and filming the lesson videos, something I love to hate and hate to love in my process of creative joy.

It takes a lot of mental and emotional bandwidth to produce good quality videos, something I haven’t had while working full time.

So, yes, it’s been a brutal 48 hours, and yes, I do need work for the next two months pre-birth, and yet I’m also exceptionally thankful for the skills I have that will keep me motivated and working on something I care about.

I am optimistic that this course will help with a nominal passive income. I am hopeful that it will just be the first of many online courses I have in my mental pipeline.

And I’m endlessly thankful for the emotional fortitude that I’ve gained through developing my emotional intelligence. Without it, I know that news like this could’ve buried me in a deep, dark, depressive hole.

I’m good. I’m thankful for my gorgeous, healthy body and emotionally agile mind.

And, I’m grateful to Kym’s affirmation cards for the focus on what matters.

To learn more about these beautiful cards that inspire so much deep thinking from me, you can visit Kym’s Insta @kym_creative or get your own deck at Kym Creative.