As I lay in the hospital Thursday, a week ago, my hand hooked up to an iv needle slowly dripping its antibiotic into my blood, I wondered, had I been tickled with a feather or hit by a brick?

In life, our negative experiences can be likened to being tickled by a feather, it’s annoying but isn’t substantive enough to slow us down. Or we could be hit by a brick. A brick hurts, it slows you down enough to wonder but it doesn’t stop us. Or we could be hit by a truck. The truck stops us in our tracks. If we’re lucky, it doesn’t kill us. We get a second chance to change our behaviour. For sure, the next truck won’t let us live.

Here I was with a sudden onset of infection in my right kidney. A major organ. A brick indeed.

Its pain made me talk to my unconscious mind, to ask for insight into what I can be doing differently. She heard and she answered. “Go there,” she said. This beach is my favourite scene. It’s calm, lapping waters relax me and connect me with our Mother. And then my inner voice told me with her beloved sarcasm that I need to drink more water and get off my arse more often. Ha! And, so it’ll be.

Have you experienced a feather, brick or truck experience? What did you learn? How did you implement change?

Your EQL coach,

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