The best advice I was ever given was when I was pregnant with my first: Surrender.

When you’re utterly exhausted and he won’t stop crying: Surrender.

When feeding just isn’t happening: Surrender.

When you’re in public and you’ve just been peed, vomited on or worse and you haven’t got a change of clothes for either of you: Surrender.

And since then, I’ve learned to surrender for many different reasons.

Never did I imagine that I would have to surrender to discrimination.

My privileged white skin and non-organised religious views have meant that I’ve not experienced first-hand what my black, Nigerian, Muslim husband has.

In many ways, that’s a good thing, a blessing of my lottery ticket birth, but in many other ways, I had remained ignorant of the real experience and emotions that rush through you when you’re excluded.

Well, Dan has done a marvellous job of evening out the privilege keel.

Now, if you choose to rely on your intelligence, education and research and choose not to believe his BS and choose to not get yourself injected with a beta-testing chemical that does nothing to reduce the spread of the very virus as he originally said it would, then I can assure you, there is no “Freedom” for you.

Victorians will not experience the Great Resignation, rather it is more likely that if his new Bill passes the Upper House in the next week or so, there will be the Great Migration out of the Vaccination Apartheid he’s created.

I’m faced with another choice: Surrender or Leave?

Where previously the choice to surrender was a choice that asked me to pick my battles. Now, surrendering is not a choice, it’s a demand: Give up your freedom or face segmentation, exclusion, isolation, fines and discrimination.

There is no battle to pick. There is a war going on that we the general public are powerless to fight. We’re reliant on the non-transparent votes of politicians we’ve long ceased to believe have our best interests at the heart of their work.

In this flower affirmation cards sense, may I pray a solution really will appear in the form of a Great Awakening?

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