A daily habit as I get ready in the morning is to ask the question, what problem do I have that one conversation today will bring me one step closer to its solution?

Recently, I realised I had fallen out of this habit because I found myself after two weeks in a pretty dark place, cycling around and around with the same thoughts and the same unanswered questions.

I know better. I know exactly how to prevent this state and yet, I still got stuck inside my box-brain. Like a car with a child-lock active on its doors, I couldn’t get out.¬†Someone had to open the door. Someone who knows me, who knows my techniques and knows precisely how to ask me questions that challenge me to find new avenues to solve them. Thank you¬†Kym (she has a daily habit too, you ought to check it out here!)

After this conversation, I was reminded of this question.

It opens you up. It asks you to ask others for their opinion and advice. It invites transparency and honesty.

And every single time by the end of the same day, the problem has been either completely resolved or moved on to its next stage. Every. Time.

Give it a go! It’s powerful stuff!!!